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We are an experienced team of compassionate, understanding and competent legal professionals who know what it takes to plan and effectively administer an Estate Plan that provides simple solutions to complex estate issues. Our Founder, Michael Mason, has more than 25 cumulative years of experience in the legal and financial industries. He has earned his clients’ trust with his proven track record of skill and sensitivity to the needs of those who desire peace of mind during difficult times.

Estate Planning is the process of arranging for the management of your money and property during your lifetime and for its disposal after death. The benefits of having an Estate Plan include minimizing taxes and ensuring that your desires are known after you are laid to rest. More than these, having an Estate Plan brings peace of mind at a time when you and your loved ones may not otherwise be able to express your wishes.

At the very minimum, a solid Estate Plan includes a Will, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Health Care Directives, and Beneficiary Designations. The Will essentially provides the instructions for who, what and how your affairs will be handled. The other components of your Estate Plan identify the administrators, decision makers and beneficiaries. Working with an experienced Estate Planning attorney will ensure that your plan is legally binding and protected from excess taxation.

There is no “right” age to start planning for your future and that of those who are dear to you. TODAY is not too early to begin. Right where you are, start planning the details of your future with the assistance of an experienced Estate Planning attorney.

Estate Plans are evolving documents, so you can always (and are encouraged to) revisit and update your Estate Plan as often as necessary. Regardless of your age, having a well drafted plan of action in-place for those you love most is far better than not having a plan at all.


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Why People Trust This Paulding County Law Firm

“Recently my wife and I received assistance from Mike Mason for the purpose of revising our Last Will and Testament in the context of our overall Estate Planning. We appreciated greatly the information and guidance that he provided as he helped us craft a document that provided us with confidence and peace of mind considering the future disposal of our estate. The process was accomplished with convenience, thoroughness and in a timely manner. We would recommend Mike without reservation.”


“I recently hired Mike to help me sort out an issue with my mother’s life insurance. He was very patient and personable, very understanding at times that I would get emotional. He communicated very well and was organized and honest. Overall great experience, I highly recommend! Thank you Mike!”


“I was referred to Mike’s firm after hitting several walls with other firms…After listening to my situation without hesitation, he accepted the challenge. Within one week he contacted the other party and within the same day he had results…Mike Mason not only was able to get my garnishment stopped, he also recouped my garnishment and in addition recouped my attorney’s fee’s along with damages totaling $3,000…If you want results and you want them fast- call Mike Mason, he will work in your best interest.”


“I have worked with Mike on a couple of cases as an expert witness. Mike was always prepared, had his facts in order, was very professional, and is my go to attorney if I have a legal issue. I will definitely be using Mike again and would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.”

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